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Name:Isaac Lahey
Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:California, United States of America
title or description
Isaac Lahey is a tormented teen and lacrosse player who lives across the street from Jackson. He's attacked by the Omega while working at his father's cemetery, but is rescued by Derek. Later it's revealed that he was turned by Derek and becomes a part of Derek's pack to feel powerful and confident after a long history of physical and mental abuse from his father, who is subsequently killed by the Kanima. The Argents are aware of his status as a werewolf. Derek usually trains Isaac and the rest of his pack.

Before +
Isaac was just another outsider in Beacon Hills. Quiet and reserved, he never garnered much notice on the lacrosse field or off. Tortured and tormented by his father for every little infraction
second title +
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third title here +
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fourth title over here +
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fifth title which is the last +
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